In which Citizen Jim finds a way to blame President Obama for his bowel troubles. (Throwback requested by resident at the retirement community where I work.)
A few words from the failed writer who murdered Chicken Sheets in "The Final Exit" and sent her to the Metatron Building in "The Gulf of Finland."
In which we have news of Chicken Sheets after she plunges into the cold waters between Tallinn and Helsinki.
Yes, it says "By Citizen Jim."
In which we learn more about Citizen Jim's latest attack of paranoia. Mainly: it isn't paranoia. It's real.
Jay's hitting the bottle again. This time, he almost KILLS Citizen Jim during his arrival in Glenville. Awwww—hic!—aw crap!
In which Chicken Sheets returns from her medical procedure and finds Citizen Jim less agitated than when she left, but more paranoid than usual when he…
In which Citizen Jim arrives and Chicken Sheets—for once!—wishes she didn't have to leave before he can tell her why he is there.
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