In which Citizen Jim's preoccupation with his aging appearance almost derails Chicken Sheets in her quest to write a Citizen Jim Story.
In which Citizen Jim reminds Chicken Sheets that she's a horrible writer nobody will ever take seriously.
In which Citizen Jim arrives wearing what Chicken Sheets thinks is a costume for the play in which Citizen Jim is starring at a local community theater.
In which Citizen Jim arrives while Chicken Sheets is daydreaming about having her own show on a radio station in Tipperary, Ireland. But why is her…
In which Citizen Jim tells Chicken Sheets that he doesn't want to be in a story with a misleading title as it might taint his "brand."
In which Citizen Jim arrives after a monarch really got the upper hand on an assassin. (2021)
In which Citizen Jim arrives ready to celebrate a bunch of birthdays, the release of a classic album, AND all the monkeys in Fairhope. But he doesn’t…
In which Citizen Jim thinks he’s locked in the bathroom of Chicken Sheets’s little Hobbit House, then informs her that she knows nothing about Yacht…
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Citizen Jim Stories by Chicken Sheets